In the times of darkness, even if the GURU is not present physically in our life, his 'VAANI' has the same power to bring the light in our lives.

Reading a good book opens doors to new dimensions of knowledge.

What could be better than a Sadguru accompanying you in this wonderful journey of self-growth and learning!

So that all your queries can be resolved and you get the purest essence of the book from the scholars themselves

For our ease, Sadhika Dr. Pragbha Ji Viraat undertook this initiative to read and explain with her amazing insights books on life-changing topics by Jai Gurudev Sahitya & Charammangal.

You can also step in this journey by reading the books and listening to the live session recordings.

– Acha Bhavo Acha Pavo

– Safalta Ka Ekmatra Sutra

– Samyvajjika

‘Acha Bhavo Acha Pavo’ by Virat Guruji

– We have always wondered who created this world

– In this book Virat Guruji clearly explains that it is our Bhaav, our intentions, our feelings which create our own world

– The world each and every individual feels, possesses around himself is a world he or she creates within himself

– It is just the projection of his inner world which he or she experiences outside.

– This book not only explains the science behind who is the creater of this world but

– It also awakens us that we should be aware so that we can create for ourselves the world we want for ourselves.

‘Safalta ka ekmatra sutra’ by Virat Guruji and Sadhvi Vaibhavshri Ji Virat is a book about the ‘Aavashyak Sutra’ Pratikaman given by Lord Mahavir.

– Understand what is Pratikaman

– The day to day life application of Pratikaman is very well explained

– Gives very wider perception of Jain Sutras to be applied in our day to day life

– Cleary explains that Samayik, Pratikaman and all other Jain Sutras are not just any religious rituals but they are practices which need to be embraced by each and every one of us whether we are Jain by birth or not

– Gives us new dimensions to view and explore ourselves

‘Samayvajjika’ by Sadhvi Vaibhav Shri Ji Virat

– Explains the science behind Samayik

– Scientific explanation through time and space relationships

– Clears all myths about Samayik

– Clear explantion about why Samayik is necessary in our day to day life.