Best public speakers in India

Dr. Pragbha Viraat is considered to be the one of the best public or motivational speaker in India. She caters to a wide range of audience. From youth to senior citizens, housewives to working women, students to teachers, employees to employers, corporate leaders to professionals, she has been successful in motivating, encouraging & building confidence among individuals from various areas of life.

She focuses on practical aspects like true spiritual awareness, religion, relationship, parenting, conflicts, stress, dissatisfaction, lack of commitment, leadership, etc., and helps to find practical solutions to the problem. Dr. Pragbha possess wide experience in handling common psychological disorders, understands deeply to the circumstances & root cause of the problems and come out with practical solutions that attributes in all round growth of an individual, society or organization.

She ensures that the things that people learn during her sessions are applied in their everyday lives. She has inspired almost everyone who has taken part in her motivational sessions. Essentially a practical spiritual coach, she helps in building one's confidence and also to believe in oneself. She believes that change is a thing that happens internally. Her talks are not only interesting and amusing, but also challenging.

Each of us needs some kind of motivation to do well in life. Be it a corporate professional, a teacher, student, businessman or a homemaker, everyone can benefit with the help of a motivational speaker. Dr. Pragbha Viraat with her skill, wit and experience, makes use of NLP (Neuron Linguistic Programming), hypnosis, etc., to engage the attention of the audience and to motivate & influence them and help to bring that positive & permanent change in their lives through application of her unique techniques of motivation.

Transformation: An event to change perception of your life

TRANSFORMATION is Dr. Pragbha Viraat’s signature programme.

TRANSFORMATION session of Dr. Pragbha Viraat is a power packed spiritual motivational training event. It shows you what is possible. This will be the first time in your life when you will do something like this. This extraordinary event will entertain you, challenge you and transform your life forever.

TRANSFORMATION is the way to knowing that most of our limitations are self-imposed, and most of our fears are false. We can create our future, today. We can change our habits and beliefs, and instead of getting stuck in a rut, we can take action and create more, now.

We all want more in life. We want more happiness, more satisfaction, more confidence, more passion, more ways to help others, more ways to contribute. Your life has the potential to be rich, full and rewarding in every way. So many times, we don't know what exactly we want. We don't have a clear picture of our desired future in our mind. Clarity is power. And, there are more and new challenges every day. There is more competition, more stress. The only way to make things easier is to become better, change yourself.

TRANSFORMATION is about taking action and it's about recognizing your true potential and the power that is already within you and challenging you to live a life on your own terms. Transformation is about standing up and saying "I want change." It is about writing your future now.

It's possible to change your defeating habits and beliefs. You can learn how to become stronger, more resourceful and more powerful than you ever thought possible. You can set new goals and achieve them. Can you imagine what your life would be like if you had all the tools needed to create the extraordinary life you deserve? Here's the opportunity of a lifetime to transform your level of energy, health, your mind and your emotions. Start bringing happiness, confidence, success and peace into your life. It is for sure that you will love the experience that including a satisfaction guarantee.

She teaches that you're the solution (and the problem). She teaches that forever change is a process which works from the inside out. And that too many people try and put right the internal matter with external solutions. She is kind of challenging, honest, entertaining, amusing and confronting (periodically offensive) but she knows what works and if you're genuinely ready to change then perhaps you will connect with her.

Dr. Pragbha doesn't tell people that she is the 'guru' who is the answer to all their problems. She is a coach who is ready to be there when you need, who will inspire you and challenge you to be and have the best you can. Dr. Pragbha believes that belief is power. You have to think you can ever before you really can.

Take responsibility of your life and future. Come forward and attend Dr. Pragbha Viraat’s lectures, speeches, workshops & dynamic sessions as soon as possible and give a real meaning and pleasure to your own life.

Inner Power

Emotional Intelligence:

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others. It is generally said to include three skills: emotional awareness; the ability to harness emotions and apply them to tasks like thinking and problem solving; and the ability to manage emotions, which includes regulating your own emotions and cheering up or calming down other people.

Youth Motivation

For a myriad of reasons, inspiring students in this generation is becoming increasingly difficult. Educators and youth stakeholders nationwide complain about the attitudes and dispositions of students and its impact on learning.  During my multiple interactions with schools, organizations and government agencies nationwide, I noticed five key strategies used to motivate youth towards excellence academically and personally.  These are very simple steps that if applied, can produce amazing results.

  1. Focus On The Student-Often schools and organizations have agendas and the agendas drive their interactions.  The best education connectors are those who focus on the student first.  By winning the trust of the student, it becomes easier to achieve organizational or individual goals and objectives.
  2. Recognize Their Efforts-Placing student work on the walls of the classroom is a sure way to show them you recognize their efforts.  It tells the students that you care. Create some form of recognizing their efforts for in doing so, they will recognize yours!
  3. Project Based Learning-Students love working in teams. Occasionally  giving them projects to work on together boosts their morale.
  4. Reverse Psychology-Youth today are used to hearing negative comments about their generation. Find as many ways as possible to complement them. They will at first seem shocked, but after awhile they will begin to look for the recognition.
  5. Role Models-Bring role models into your school, class or organization as often as possible. A once a year career day cannot combat the onslaught of negative role models our kids see on TV daily. By showing them multiple success stories in their own community, you will increase their level of hope in the classroom.

Motivation is critical to student success.   The more you motivate the kids, the more they will motivate you!

Confidence Building

Self-confidence is extremely important in almost every aspect of our lives, yet so many people struggle to find it. Sadly, this can be a vicious circle: people who lack self-confidence can find it difficult to become successful.

After all, most people are reluctant to back a project that's being pitched by someone who was nervous, fumbling, and overly apologetic.

On the other hand, you might be persuaded by someone who speaks clearly, who holds his or her head high, who answers questions assuredly, and who readily admits when he or she does not know something.

Confident people inspire confidence in others: their audience, their peers, their bosses, their customers, and their friends. And gaining the confidence of others is one of the key ways in which a self-confident person finds success.

The good news is that self-confidence really can be learned and built on. And, whether you’re working on your own confidence or building the confidence of people around you, it’s well-worth the effort!

Seminar & Workshops

Public Speaker:

Dr. Pragbha Viraat is one of the prominent keynote speakers, who give highly energetic keynotes. She has tremendous confidence and has unique public speaking skills. Her notes are interwoven with lots of interesting anecdotes, music, case-studies, and other things, which can easily understandable even to a common man. She is frequently invited by religious institutions, schools & colleges and at general social gatherings in India. With her rare and unique style, she is able to interact with the audience, and connect with them. The audiences are left spell-bound and captivated. And, the best part is that she has a captivating personality, which can charm the audience, and make them want more from her. Before delivering her speech, she research, tailor the message, mould and make presentable in a shorter form more effective, interesting & lively as per the need of the hour. Therefore the impact of her speeches & lectures becomes so effective & strong that audiences are captivated, and give a round of applause.

Faculty Motivation:

Dr. Pragbha Viraat have been inspiring teachers to bring their highest level of dedication and love to their great responsibility, which is shaping students’ lives and preparing them to succeed and contribute to the world they will be entering.

Teachers have always been an extremely important part of our society. Today their responsibility is more demanding than ever before. The whole education world is faced with newer challenges. Parents are in a terribly difficult position today. In so many families both parents have to work, and teenagers, particularly, wind up at home alone. Teachers have a tremendous pressure handling various challenges along with the need to complete she curriculum and meet deadlines. Teaching styles and requirements have changed too.

Dr. Pragbha Viraat has specialization in;

  1. Motivate staff to passionately seek their own learning in the classroom: to learn about each student, and how to reach and teach that budding human being and fulfill she great purpose of that relationship.
  2. Release the greater stores of talent in each staff member with the fresh, authentic passion Dr. Pragbha Viraat delivers.
  3. Provide an emotionally bonding faculty team building experience with Dr. Pragbha Viraat’s heart-driven Teaching Staff-Development Inspirational Keynote.
  4. Bring a greater sense of shared purpose, improved team work, and more harmonious team bonding among Faculty, Administrators, and School Support Staff.
  5. Inspire faculty so that they transmit their love of learning to their students.
  6. Recharge teacher commitment.
  7. Rekindle teacher's faith in the work they do.

Time Management

Time management is the process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectivenessefficiency or productivity. It is a juggling act of various demands of study, social life, employment, family, and personal interests and commitments with the finiteness of time. Using time effectively gives the person "choice" on spending/ managing activities at their own time and expediency.

It is a meta-activity with the goal to maximize the overall benefit of a set of other activities within the boundary condition of a limited amount of time, as time itself cannot be managed because it is fixed. Time management may be aided by a range of skills, tools, and techniques used to manage time when accomplishing specific tasks, projects, and goals complying with a due date. Initially, time management referred to just business or work activities, but eventually the term broadened to include personal activities as well. A time management system is a designed combination of processes, tools, techniques, and methods. Time management is usually a necessity in any project development as it determines the project completion time and scope.

The major themes arising from the literature on time management include the following:

  1. Creating an environment conducive to effectiveness
  2. Setting of priorities
  3. Carrying out activity around prioritization.
  4. The related process of reduction of time spent on non-priorities
  5. Incentives to modify behavior to ensure compliance with time-related deadlines.

Time management is related to different concepts such as:

Project management: Time Management can be considered to be a project management subset and is more commonly known as project planning and project scheduling. Time Management has also been identified as one of the core functions identified in project management.

Attention management: Attention Management relates to the management of cognitive resources, and in particular the time that humans allocate their mind (and organize the minds of their employees) to conduct some activities.

Organizational Time Management is the science of identifying, valuing and reducing wasted time within organizations. Organizational Time Management identifies, reports and financially values sustainable time, wasted time and productive time within an organization and develops the business case to convert wasted time into productive time through the funding of products, services, projects or initiatives at a positive return on investment.

Stress Management

A certain amount of stress is a normal part of life. You can use some simple techniques and strategies to help you cope. There are diagnosable medical conditions that describe stress and anxiety that affect people beyond the normal and manageable amount. Unmanageable stress and anxiety can be unhealthy, both physically and psychologically. It’s important to seek help if you’re unable to control your worries and stress is impacting your daily life.

Most people experience stress and anxiety from time to time. Stress is any demand placed on your brain or physical body. People can report feeling stressed when multiple competing demands are placed on them. The feeling of being stressed can be triggered by an event that makes you feel frustrated or nervous. Anxiety is a feeling of fear, worry, or unease. It can be a reaction to stress, or it can occur in people who are unable to identify significant stressors in their life.

Stress and anxiety are not always bad. In the short term, they can help you overcome a challenge or dangerous situation. Examples of everyday stress and anxiety include worrying about finding a job, feeling nervous before a big test, or being embarrassed in certain social situations. If we did not experience some anxiety we might not be motivated to do things that we need to do (for instance, studying for that big test!).

However, if stress and anxiety begin interfering with your daily life, it may indicate a more serious issue. If you are avoiding situations due to irrational fears, constantly worrying, or experiencing severe anxiety about a traumatic event weeks after it happened, it may be time to seek help.