Sadhika Dr. Pragbha Viraat is one of the most inspiring spiritual motivational speaker and trainer in India. She is also an experienced behavioral psychologist.

She wants to bestow the society all the knowledge that she received from her beloved Gurus to benefit mankind. 

Her vision is to focus on children and youth as she believes that changes inculcated at young age become foundation of their lives and this in turn will go a long way in building magnificent future generations.

She speaks on various topics such as Cosmic Power, Spiritual Motivation, Stress Elimination, Emotional Intelligence, Power of Dreams, Parenting, Generation Gap, Youth Empowerment, Conflict Resolution, Persuasion Skills, Goal Setting, Law of Attraction, Confidence Building, Psychology of Wealth, High Performance Leadership, Success Strategies and Personality Transformation.

She delivers lectures on Jain Scriptures through scientific and practical approach making it easier to be understood by any age group.

She is very good at presenting the small sutras of life via various activities such as theatre, games, dance modes, etc., which are loved by youngsters and children to enhance their personality.

Her enriched experience in theatre is reflected in her wisdom. Her belief about living each moment in totality is embraced by all.

She specializes in writing and directing plays which induces deep philosophical understanding of concepts of Jainism, in a light-hearted manner.

She is actively involved in print and electronic media. She is the editor of various religious books published by Jai Gurudev Sahitya, Jodhpur. She has also been the editor of Charam Mangal monthly magazine since 2009.



She conducts workshops on various topics such as Personality Development, Relationship Management, Parenting, Teachers Training and work-life balance. It helps people deal with their fears, frustration, aggressions, complexes and inner-conflicts. 

She has a command over providing answers to all religious and social curiosities imparting the true philosophy to deal with day to day life problems.
Since last two years, she has been organizing online Jigyasa Samadhan sessions to answer questions of people from all around the world.

She also took an innovative initiative to read and explain various life-changing books published by Charammangal with her amazing insights. It has helped a lot of people bring positive changes in their lives.

She has fully dedicated herself to motivate and inspire people to improve quality, peace and prosperity in their lives and uplifting spirituality amongst them without being biased to any particular caste, creed or religion.

She has been frequently invited by various schools and colleges, religious and charitable institutions and other different parts of society to train, inspire, empower and build confidence in their students, teachers, employees, workers & men and women of all age groups & to answer, clear and resolve all their doubts, curiosities and questions.

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